Dryer taking too long to dry

Dryer taking too long to dry?

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Dryer taking too long to dry?

When you’ve got lots on the go the last thing you want holding you back is a dryer taking too long to dry. Our organization strives to assist our potential clientele in understanding the various problems that could be plaguing their machine by providing them with concrete information on what to specifically look for. By providing this vital info we believe that we’re greatly expediting the process of you getting your machine back by diagnosing and solving the issue much sooner.

What you’ll want to look for:

Lint Trap

Lint trap - There’s a filter in your machine that catches the lint coming off your clothes, and if it accumulates too much then that could be part of the reason for your dryer taking too long to dry. This can be easily remedied by simply cleaning the trap, or if it’s torn replacing it with a new one.

Air flow/venting hose

Air flow/venting hose - One variable that’s consistent with drying time is the air flow that comes through your machine, and in what state your venting hose is. Check if your dryer is maintaining the proper airflow, as these variables are what could be increasing your drying time.

Drive Motor

Heating element - This portion of your machine is what’s responsible for the heating, and if it’s out of commission it could be the reason your dryer is taking too long to dry. If this is what you’re suspecting is the issue, open up the dryer cabinet and locate your heating element. Testing the element should let you know if you need to replace it.

Dryer won’t turn on

Dryer won’t turn on?

Washers, Dryers, Fridges, Dishwashers, Ovens, Stoves, Ranges, Cooktops repair services in Calgary & Area

Dryer won’t turn on?

When you’ve got a lot on your plate as it is, the last thing you want to come across is a situation where your dryer won’t turn on. Our crews have been at it for a long time restoring dryers and diagnosing them properly, and we’ve come to the conclusion that there should be an online resource aimed at assisting clientele in determining what’s wrong with their machine and what can be done to fix it.

What to look out for:

Drive Belt

Drive belt - Once possible reason your dryer won’t turn on is because of a faulty drive belt. Some dryers have a mechanism where if the drive belt snaps it activates a switch that kills the power to the entire machine. This can be a relatively simple fix as it would require you to check and see if the belt is broken; if it is then all that’s needed is a simple replacement of the busted driver belt.

Thermal cut out fuse kit

Thermal cut out fuse kit  - There are many different safeguards in your machine that prevent from such things like overheating or other types of temperature control. They typically consist of fuses and thermostats that are contained in a kit; so when your dryer won’t turn on you can simply check your kit to see if it’s the source of the problem.

Other types of issues

Other types of issues that could be contributing to your dryer not turning on can be things like your belt switch, main control board, or timer. Although these components are rarely the source of the problem, they’re still worth checking because if they’re the sources of the problem they would have to be replaced altogether.

dryer doesn’t start

Dryer doesn't start?

Washers, Dryers, Fridges, Dishwashers, Ovens, Stoves, Ranges, Cooktops repair services in Calgary & Area

Dryer Doesn't Start?

What good is your machine if it can’t even start? There’s a multitude of things that could be going wrong when you’re finding that your dryer doesn’t start, and this is a good place to start if you’re wondering what measures you may need to take to remedy this situation. What our organization strives to provide are the tools that you need to successfully determine what exactly is going wrong with your dryer, and whether you can tackle the problem on your own, or if you’ll need the assistance of an expert.

What to consider:

Start Switch

Start switch - On the dryer control panel there’s a switch that’s called the start switch, and when it’s not working it could be the cause of why your dryer doesn’t start. This could also be checked through the use of an ohmmeter to determine whether there’s a problem with the motor or drum, or the switch. If the switch has no continuity when it’s activated then chances are the switch is busted and you’ll have to replace it. 

Door Switch or Thermal fuse

Door switch - The door switch is what you hear when you shut the door to your machine, and if it doesn’t make that all important click, the dryer doesn’t start. This is yet another component that could be diagnosed with an ohmmeter or continuity checker, and would have to be fully replaced if broken.

Thermal fuse - This component of your machine is what saves it from overheating by cutting off its power supply, so if it’s not working properly it’s vital that you first check it with the proper tools such as an ohmmeter. If this fuse isn’t functioning properly it’ll unfortunately have to be replaced entirely.


Drive Motor

Drive motor - This part of your machine is what turns the drum and the blower wheel in order to exhaust air, and if your dryer doesn’t start it very well could be due to a defective drive motor. While this could be the source of your troubles it doesn’t hurt to check the other components that have been previously mentioned, as they’re more likely to be the culprits. 

Dryer making noise

Dryer making noise?

Washers, Dryers, Fridges, Dishwashers, Ovens, Stoves, Ranges, Cooktops repair services in Calgary & Area

Dryer Making Noise?

When you’ve got a dryer making noise it can serve as a distraction that permeates throughout your home, and the only way to remedy such a problem is to look to resources that’ll help you fix the problem on your own or point you in the direction of those who can do that for you.

What to consider when your dryer is making noise:

The Drive Belt

The drive belt - Around the drum is a long belt that’s wrapped around called the drive belt. As this belt gets used extensively, over time it can become worn down and misshaped which can be a cause of your dryer making noise.

Drum Rollers

Drum roller - These parts of your dryer are what help facilitate the turning of your dryer, and as they’re continuously used they tend to become worn down. As these supports wear down they can become misshapen and will as a result create noise when turned. Inspecting the rollers will determine if one or many of them will require replacement. 

Drum axles

Drum axles - The axle of the drum also helps in turning the drum and can also become misshapen after extensive use. The deterioration of these axles is what can contribute to your drum making noise. 

dryer not heating

Dryer not heating?

Washers, Dryers, Fridges, Dishwashers, Ovens, Stoves, Ranges, Cooktops repair services in Calgary & Area

Dryer Not Heating?

Dryers are definitely of the more finicky sort when it comes to their restorations, that’s why it’s vital that when your machine goes haywire you can have a proper resource that can tell you the various ways your machine can go on the fritz.  What we aim to accomplish with our organization is for our clientele to understand the parts that can cease to function properly, how to tackle the problem on your own, and most importantly when it’s time to call in a pro to aid you in your restoration. When dealing with issues of you dryer not heating there’s a multitude of parts that could be affected, resulting in the inefficient heating of your machine.

The most common components that can contribute to your dryer not heating are:

Proper Voltage

Proper Voltage - If your dryer isn’t getting supplied with the proper voltage there are a few simple ways you can determine the cause of your problem: check if your machine is plugged in correctly, check your breakers, and finally see if there could be any blown fuses. 

Heating Element or Thermostat

Heating element - This part is vital for your machine, and unfortunately if it’s not working properly it will need to be replaced.

Thermostat - Another component to check once you’ve opened up your dryer cabinet is your thermostat, because if the thermostat becomes faulty it could have a negative effect on your dryer’s heating ability.



Thermal fuse - An out of commission thermal fuse can also be the cause of your dryer not heating. If this component’s out of whack, then you’ll need to replace it. To determine if you’re going to have to replace it, just open up your dryer cabinet and locate it within the machines framework. 

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