Dryer is squeaking?

When they’re silent dryers are an amazing and effective tool to have in the home; but when your dryer is squeaking it starts to become a nuisance as it disrupts the quiet and peace all over your home. We’ve recognized this as a typical problem among our clientele that seek dryer restorations, and as a result we’ve went ahead and wrote up some helpful starting points for our clientele which outline the problem areas, and when they should be treated by professionals.

Dryer belt - This belt is what helps the dryer drum turn while it dries your clothes, and over the course of its many uses it will inevitably experience some typical wear and tear. Due to this stress, the belt will start to squeak as it helps in the rotation of the drum. In this situation you can either apply special types of lubricant, or change the belt altogether, which can be done either on your own or with the aid of a professional.

Drum bearing - This bearing is located on the rear of your dryer and it aids in rotating the drum your clothes are in, and over time it can start to squeak as a result of regular wear and tear. If this is the reason your dryer is squeaking adding additional lubrication can be a solution, however to avoid future problems you can also consider changing the bearings with a simple replacement.

Idler pulley - This components main role is to act as an automatic tensioning device for your belt; the main parts of it are a spring loaded wheel on a bearing. If the dryer is squeaking because of a busted wheel then you’ll have to replace the component entirely. However if only the wheel bearing is causing the problem, some light greasing should do the trick.

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