Strathmore Local Appliance Repair& Installation company

Household machines serve to make your living space thrive and achieve optimal functionality, but in the event things go south with their serviceability, you can contact the crew at APPLIANCE24 for top notch Strathmore appliance repair. Refurbishment of your out of commission machines is something we do not take lightly when we arrive to your aid for your Strathmore appliance repair.

The crews that we dispatch are always prepared, armed with all the essentials for a machine refurbishment that is as streamlined and meticulous as can be in the area. Our crews are also familiar with the hustle and bustle that our clientele may face on the daily, so we also make sure to take extra measures to ensure we don’t disrupt your homely activities. The estimate of your Strathmore appliance repair is also handled with great care, as our staff has a keen eye for determining the cost of your individual refurbishment, and gives you a quote that’s rightly based on the quality of work you can come to expect from us!

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