Dryer runs but then turns off?

When you’ve got lots to do over the course of your day the most frustrating thing that can happen is when you go to do your laundry and your dryer runs but then turns off. With a problem such as this there could be a multitude of different reasons why your machine is exhibiting such behavior and our goal as an organization is to provide you to tools to succeed in determining what’s ailing your machine, and what can be done to fix it.

Dryer thermal fuse - The thermal fuse is what works to detect the varying levels of temperature in your dryer, and if your dryer runs but then turns off it could be due to a faulty fuse. Fuses are different in gas and electric dryers, so if you’ve determined that it’s your fuse that’s busted its best to contact a professional to see what part you would need.

Dryer drive motor - The drive motor is what helps turn the drum of your dryer, and if it’s busted it could be the reason why your dryer runs but then turns off. There are components of this drive motor that are possible to replace, such as the harness connectors, but motor itself cannot be replaced.

Dryer electronic control board - This board is the central piece of your machine that controls its various commands, so if your dryer runs but then turns off, it could be that the board’s signals are not firing properly. This can be a challenge to spot without any obvious damage to the board, so to diagnose your machine properly you’ll want the help of an expert.

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