Dryer doesn't start?

What good is your machine if it can’t even start? There’s a multitude of things that could be going wrong when you’re finding that your dryer doesn’t start, and this is a good place to start if you’re wondering what measures you may need to take to remedy this situation. What our organization strives to provide are the tools that you need to successfully determine what exactly is going wrong with your dryer, and whether you can tackle the problem on your own, or if you’ll need the assistance of an expert.

Start switch - On the dryer control panel there’s a switch that’s called the start switch, and when it’s not working it could be the cause of why your dryer doesn’t start. This could also be checked through the use of an ohmmeter to determine whether there’s a problem with the motor or drum, or the switch. If the switch has no continuity when it’s activated then chances are the switch is busted and you’ll have to replace it.

Door switch - The door switch is what you hear when you shut the door to your machine, and if it doesn’t make that all important click, the dryer doesn’t start. This is yet another component that could be diagnosed with an ohmmeter or continuity checker, and would have to be fully replaced if broken.

Thermal fuse - This component of your machine is what saves it from overheating by cutting off its power supply, so if it’s not working properly it’s vital that you first check it with the proper tools such as an ohmmeter. If this fuse isn’t functioning properly it’ll unfortunately have to be replaced entirely.

Drive motor - This part of your machine is what turns the drum and the blower wheel in order to exhaust air, and if your dryer doesn’t start it very well could be due to a defective drive motor. While this could be the source of your troubles it doesn’t hurt to check the other components that have been previously mentioned, as they’re more likely to be the culprits.

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