Dryer Making Noise?

When you’ve got a dryer making noise it can serve as a distraction that permeates throughout your home, and the only way to remedy such a problem is to look to resources that’ll help you fix the problem on your own or point you in the direction of those who can do that for you.

The drive belt - Around the drum is a long belt that’s wrapped around called the drive belt. As this belt gets used extensively, over time it can become worn down and misshaped which can be a cause of your dryer making noise.

Drum roller - These parts of your dryer are what help facilitate the turning of your dryer, and as they’re continuously used they tend to become worn down. As these supports wear down they can become misshapen and will as a result create noise when turned. Inspecting the rollers will determine if one or many of them will require replacement.

Drum axles - The axle of the drum also helps in turning the drum and can also become misshapen after extensive use. The deterioration of these axles is what can contribute to your drum making noise.

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