Refrigerator leaking water

A leaking fridge can be a burden that presents problems on many fronts; not only will your fridge wreak havoc on your floors, but it’ll also not be able to cool all of the goods in your fridge which has the potential of leading to spoiled food and money down the drain! As a result of this common problem our crews have decided that it would be beneficial for our clientele to have a place to look online where they can get some possible solutions to their leaking fridge problems. What we’ve presented here are some typical fixes that can be carried out either on your own or through the aid of a pro.

Drain pan

One of the first things you can look for if you’ve got a leaking fridge is for any damage/deterioration in your fridges drain pan. The function of this pan is to collect water that would otherwise build up in your fridge and then evaporate it away; however if your pan is deteriorated or cracked in any way the water will simply leak out in the fridge. The inspection of this pan is fairly easy visually, as is ordering the new pan.

Defrost drain

A leaking fridge doesn’t necessarily have to only leak on the floor, as it could also be leaking inside of the fridge itself. When you’re experiencing a fridge that’s leaking on the inside one thing you can check is the defrost drain. This drain is what the condensation in your fridge/freezer unit goes through, and if your drain is blocked with some sort of debris or frozen, then it won’t be able to leak the condensation out properly and will result in leaking in the fridge unit.

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