Dryer taking too long to dry?

When you’ve got lots on the go the last thing you want holding you back is a dryer taking too long to dry. Our organization strives to assist our potential clientele in understanding the various problems that could be plaguing their machine by providing them with concrete information on what to specifically look for. By providing this vital info we believe that we’re greatly expediting the process of you getting your machine back by diagnosing and solving the issue much sooner.

Lint trap - There’s a filter in your machine that catches the lint coming off your clothes, and if it accumulates too much then that could be part of the reason for your dryer taking too long to dry. This can be easily remedied by simply cleaning the trap, or if it’s torn replacing it with a new one.

Air flow/venting hose - One variable that’s consistent with drying time is the air flow that comes through your machine, and in what state your venting hose is. Check if your dryer is maintaining the proper airflow, as these variables are what could be increasing your drying time.

Heating element - This portion of your machine is what’s responsible for the heating, and if it’s out of commission it could be the reason your dryer is taking too long to dry. If this is what you’re suspecting is the issue, open up the dryer cabinet and locate your heating element. Testing the element should let you know if you need to replace it.

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